The Farmer’s Daughter Gravel Grinder

Spring 2018, Chatham, NY

The Farmer’s Daughter Gravel Grinder, co-run by CBRC’s Vice President Andy Ruiz, is a 65-mile gravel ride through Columbia County, NY. With over 6000 feet of climbing and several sections of single-track, it has become a must-ride event for gravel enthusiasts in the Northeast.

Winter Spin Classes

Winter off-season

Held in various locations going well back to the 90’s, Vice President Andy Ruiz leads and MC’s bi-weekly sessions where you can bring your trainer and suffer with friends. Recently, the club has partnered with local clubs R Cubed and HRRT to pay space fees, making these sessions free for club members.

Weekday Group Rides & Race Practice

Bi-weekly evenings during road season

Led by a revolving cast of longtime club-members, a typical CRBC group-ride week features a Tuesday hammerfest with townline sprints, and a Thursday endurance-pace ride. Members of CBRC are invited to join an email list where group rides are announced on a regular basis.