2014 Trooper Brinkerhoff Memorial Race Series

January 12, 2014  |  General
CBRC would like to recognize the following volunteers that provided essential support for this year’s event:
Julie Audi, Tim Bantham, Dave Beals, Jon Benn, Nick Bove, Eileen Brennan, Allie Brophy, Phil Burnett, Chris Carper, Ryan Conley, Devon Crosby, Lennie Daniels, Ed and Michael Decker, Art Goedeke, Tom Gordon, Rob Gray, Kirby Haizmann, Paul Hebert, Phil Hershberger, Bob, Matt, and Sarah Hooper, Ashlea Keene, Walt Klimek, Jeff Krywanczyk, Matt Landy, Kerry McClurg, Christina Menetti, Kevin Mosher, Butch Ostrander, Christina Nash, Anthony Pharro, Gene Primomo, Chuck Quackenbush, Cheri Riley, Heather and Andrew Rizzi, Beth and Andy Ruiz, Colleen Russell, Alan Sanfilippo, Margaret Schmidt, Lyle Schultz, Peter and Alex Sharp, Tim and Todd Silva, Dave Spore, Cory Sullivan, Mark and Brittany Sumner, Tina Tambasco, Lori Torgersen, Steve Werthner, Tom White, Brian Whiteman, Carolyn Wilk, Christophe Wilkes, and Mark Zotto.
It was through your hard work that we were able to promote one of the best-attended spring cycling event in the Northeast, and also raise over $10,500 for local charities, civic organizations, and junior cycling development.  We couldn’t have done it without you!
Here are some links to the results, pictures, videos, and news stories about the event:
Again, please accept our sincere thanks for making this event a great success.  See you next year!


  1. Where will today’s race results be posted? I don’t see a “race results” tab on this website.

    Thanks! Good job to you all today for a successful day!

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